: ability to withstand and adapt to adversity


"From the breathtaking land and seascapes of Narragansett, Chris' images never fail to amaze, comfort and inspire us all.  Chris is a pleasure to work with, consistently exceeding expectations and delivering the highest quality as promised. I highly recommend her services and look forward to seeing her next creations here and in-person." ~ Steve G.

About Me & Resilience Photography

When I was 15, I survived a near-fatal accident. 

I shouldn't be alive, much less walking and talking - I know that I'm beyond fortunate. 

But, my life has never been the same.

On one hand - I had a new perspective, a profound sense of purpose and an appreciation for the gift of life that most will never understand. 

On the other hand - I walked away with a new daily companion - chronic neurological pain. 

Due to a lack of awareness and research, like millions, I've struggled to find knowledgeable health care providers and effective treatments. 

And the day-to-day grind of trying to function as normal as possible - when I "look fine" on the outside but feel horrible on the inside - has taken a cumulative toll - not just on me, but those with whom I'm closest. 

The profoundness of these experiences led me to obtain a science degree, and for the last 25 years, to work in the nonprofit sector as an advocate.

But, my story doesn't end there...

It was during a particularly dark period in my journey that a camera changed my life.

And it's now a camera that has become a daily companion. 

At a time when I didn't have much hope for a meaningful future that was without significant anguish, I started exploring my surroundings, camera in hand. 

My love of the ocean led me to endless local spots that not only distracted me from my physical suffering, but began to heal my emotional suffering and restore my hope for the future.

I am drawn to compositions that mimic my life experiences - images that communicate resilience and perseverance in spite of adversity: rusty, banged-up boats with inspirational names, sturdy lighthouses that have guided people to shore for centuries, unmovable jetties that have withstood the unparalleled battering of stormy seas, and a beach sunrise that gives hope to the weariest of souls.

I created Resilience Photography for two reasons:

- I want this site to encourage others facing adversity - you are stronger than you know and there is hope for your future, no matter how hopeless your present feels.

- Through the sale of my work, I hope to create a funding stream to support a cause that I have dedicated my life to - improving the lives of people with chronic pain through the advancement of research, education and treatment.

A percentage of all proceeds is donated to the Chronic Pain Research Alliance.